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Rob Plough Posture

“I was struggling through a particularly difficult period in my life when Lauren introduced me to yoga. I had a pressured job, a young family and huge amounts of stress at home. I was also trying to train hard to meet my fitness goals.

Naturally, this all began to affect my mental and physical health. Lauren encouraged me to try yoga, but as an alpha-male ex-military type I was initially very resistant.

However, Lauren believes passionately in what she teaches and I was inspired by her genuine desire to help people. I tentatively agreed to a trial session and was instantly converted.

Lauren is an amazingly patient and dedicated teacher. With her guidance I was able to transform many areas of my life through yoga practice.

I felt relaxed and revived after the individual sessions, but I was also able to use the breathing techniques she taught me to great effect in everyday stressful situations.

Moreover, the added flexibility and breath control hugely increased my capacity to perform during physical workouts.

I am indebted to Lauren. She is one of the most caring people I know. Her empathy, enthusiasm and warm heart make her a fantastic instructor, able to draw on a deep knowledge and understanding of yoga practice.” Rob


“Since starting yoga my life has begun on a new beautiful journey. I am more in touch with the inner me who has always been there but lost in the past and the busy everyday life. I have slowed down and enjoy time just for me. My sleep has improved enormously and the low mood I once experienced has gone.” – Amy